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Our members consist of young and old and many from surrounding communities, we meet monthly and plan cruises as well as communicate upcoming events. It does not matter if you live in the community, you are welcome to come and join a good group of men and women who have a passion for cars !!!

Member List

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Tim Bado  (2023)

Jim & Joleen Burns (2024)

As of July 2021 Joleen and I became full time residents of Chelan. I spent 30 years in the collision trade as a Marketing Manager for DuPont Performance Coatings ( Now known as Axalta Coatings ). Joleen spent the last 15 years as an administrator for a couple of tax firms in Bellevue and Kirkland. We are both currently retired. 13 years ago we bought and started to restore a 1964 Nova. It continues to be a labor of love. After it was built I started to do Car Shows in the Northwest. The great thing about this hobby is the people I have met and the friendships that I have made. We are looking forward to a great 2022 summer of car shows and cruises.
Mike Kirk Viper

Bob Goedde (2024)


Dick and Lynne Goodfellow  (2022)

Mike Kirk Viper

Chris and Katie Gray (2024)

In 1982 on my way home from working the night shift, I saw a 1969 Z/28 on a used car lot named Redline Motors in Everett Wa. I turned around and walked up and around the car to take a look. It was dark, and I couldn’t see much, but I saw enough that my curiosity was up. So, I got up earlier than normal the next morning and drove there in my own 69 ralley sport Camaro to take a closer look at the car in the day light. It was a little tired looking and had a very cheap paint job on it. A salesman came out, who I later found out was the owner of the lot, and asked me if I wanted to drive it? I then replied how much was it? He said $3500. I then acted like I wasn’t that interested, but if he would take $3200, I might be interested. He promptly told me I was crazy to offer that for a 69 Z/28, but he did take my phone number down. About a week went by and I kept driving by the car on my way home from work and the car was still sitting there. Then out of the blue, I got a call from the car lot guy and he told me that he was buying a house and he needed cash quick. He said if I could get the money to him in 24 hrs, it’s mine. Lucky me, I had the money saved in the bank, so without hesitation I ran to the bank the next day and got a money order. I took it into him and drove it for the first time. I shifted out of first gear and noticed right away the transmission needed attention, as the synchros were out and the motor smoked really bad. I didn’t have any buyers remorse though. I pulled the tranny out the following weekend and installed new synchros in it, and problem one off many was solved. I drove the car with the very tired smoking engine and even street raced the car for about a year. Then, in my two car garage in 1987, I pulled the engine and did a full high level rebuild on the DZ 302 engine and then did the body work and paint on the car with the correct Rally Green To this day, its the same paint that’s now looking a little worn, but I won’t change a thing on the car. It’s been a part of my life for over 40 plus years. My wife and I love taking it to shows and enjoy going on the summer evening drives.
Mike Kirk Viper

Doug Hepner (2024)

Mike Kirk Viper

Mike Kirk (2024)

2006 Dodge Viper. 510 HP V10.
I built a house in Manson, and moved here from Minnesota in 2013. I had a 1977 Corvette a while back in Minnesota. As I was driving around Manson and Chelan, I would occasionally come across a bunch of classic cars cruising the roads. It looked like a blast. After thinking more about it, and looking around, I bought this classic 2006 Dodge Viper, and joined the car club.  I am having a blast!

Jerry Lisewych (2024)

After seeing my first Jaguar E-type at WVU in Morgantown in 1964, I’ve always
been smitten with their exotic flowing curves. My wife, Judy, and I also belong to a Britcar club in Wenatchee. My current 2nd love is our 69 XKE Roadster. The beautiful BRG respray was courtesy of Juan Patino. I’m now learning how to install a cloth convertible top, same camel color as the interior.

Leo Miller (2024)

Leo is the founder of the Lake Chelan Car Club!!  He is by far the largest car collector in the club, with about 70 cars in his collection displayed at his Museum, He also sponsors a barbeque at their car museum here in Chelan with great food, music to provide an atmosphere were a great time can be had by all !! He lives in Chelan. See a video of Leo Miller on our club history page !! Visit Miller Museum Web Site https://www.millersautomuseum.com

Marc and Cathy Pearce  (2024)


Dixon Poole  (2024)


Kevin Shaw (2024)

“I’m originally from Tennessee y’all. I grew up working on cars with my Dad who taught me much of what I know today. My first hot rod was a 1971 Olds 442 (the real deal) that of course I wish I still had. In Tennessee, cruise-ins were a regular weekly event in more than one local town, so hangin’ out with my car buddies every week and talkin’ shop was a load of fun. I look forward to continuing that here.


Currently I have a Lemans Edition 2004 C5 Corvette Convertible, a 1968 Chevy C10 (click here to see the rebuild) that is undergoing a complete frame-off restoration, and a newly acquired 1972 Chevy K20 which has become my daily driver. I guess you could say I’m a Chevy guy.

I fell in love with the Northwest in my youth and now that I am here, I am here to stay. Been here 7 years. I look forward to many more with my Northwest Car Buds.”

Lynn and Jeannie Shively (2024)

We moved to Chelan from Bellevue in 2017 to retire, build a home here, and to engage in all that the area has to offer.  We enjoy the local events, outdoor activities and exploring the small towns and back roads.   In the past we have always had a “Sun Car” that we can drive to feel the wind in our hair and the sun on our face.  We joined the Lake Chelan Car club to meet the great people in the club, participate in car related events, and to integrate ourselves into local area.  We especially like the Chelan Car Club because it is about both cars and doing supportive things for the community through shows, fund raisers and awarding local scholarships.
We live in Chelan

Dennis Tangborn (2023)



Mark & Brenda Taylor (2024)

We enjoy being part of the Lake Chelan Car Club. Great people fun cruises and events and an outstanding car show in September.
Growing up my friends and I were big car enthusiasts (street rods, muscle cars, classics etc) and attended cruises, Rod Runs and races when we could.
My first car (age 16) was a 1947 Pontiac coupe six cylinder 3 on the tree. I had it for a couple years but had the itch for more HP. Then I found my second car and it was a 1967 Nova SS. Put in a built 350 SBC and had some fun with that car.
Then at age 20 I purchased my 1937 Chevy Coupe for $1800 and still have it today 32 years later. It was just a rolling Chassis when I bought it and still has the same paint that was done in the late 70’s. We had to put a motor (30 over 350) , trans (TH350), new rear end (12 bolt 4:56 gears), wheels and tires and interior. As most hot rods it is always a work in progress. I really enjoyed drag racing the Coupe and it would run consistent low to mid 12’s street trim. In 1986 I took first place at the Bremerton Old Time Drags in street rod category. The coupe was selected for the first annual KZOK Bob Rivers classic car calendar December 2005. The coupe made a trip to Reno for Hot August nights in 2010.
I live in Manson.