This pickup was purchased by my uncle in 1964, from Jim Jess (Coulee City) Chevy dealer. It was then transformed into a service rig(trap wagon) and was used on the farm. In 1986 my uncle retired and my son and I purchased his equipment along with the pickup. It took a beating and was finally replaced. Sold it to my grandson, who was going to fix it up. But going to college he needed the money so I bought it back from him. In the fall of 2016 I decided I needed a project as you can see from pictures it needed a lot of work. I contacted Cascade Restoration, and the work began. Tried to keep as much orginal as possible, engine had been replaced with a 400 small block early in it’s life, transmission is four speed with Granny, disc brakes brakes were added, it was lowered about four to five inches. New upholstery, is patterned after original, new paint(GM colors, cocoa pearl and cranberry) sliding window in back, gas tank was removed from cab and new tank installed below bed with filler in back corner of bed. Added a Access roll up cover. Bed is new hard wood (red oak) with dark oak stain. Dividers are original sand blasted and painted. Front bumper was replaced, rear bumper is original but was shortened on corners and painted silver.

Car Show Pictures !!!